Golden Bros intro

90 Days, 12 Rounds

CUBE Staking Pool 8.11% APR

CUBE Staking is an essential way of contributing to the CUBE’s blockchain
ecosystem and maintaining its security by locking away CUBE. And the participants will receive rewards in return according to the amount of CUBE staked. CUBE Staking will consist of 12 rounds(1 round per week). Every CUBE Holders can earn a maximum 240,000 CUBE after all 12 rounds of staking!


Unrivaled gaming experience for the crypto community.

We believe in the true joy of gaming and its potential when integrated with blockchain rewards. To realize this, we believe the game must be from an established AAA studio to provide high level gaming to crypto users. Golden Bros is our very first mainstream release and it is built to last and yield.

Total supply


Total Volume

96,739,805 ITAMCUBE